Welcome to LOOOP

LOOOP's demo version has been established to visualise its core functions and to demonstrate how LOOOP facilitates curriculum development, constructive alignment, and curriculum mapping. The displayed data is fictional, includes some mismatches for demonstration purposes, and does not represent a complete medical curriculum. In addition, we use a reduced selection of Core Competencies and MeSH terms.

You can log in with username 'visitor' and password 'readonly'.

We suggest that you click through the selected views at the top of the page to get a notion of how curricula can be structured in LOOOP. You can also explore the platform freely. Editing on most pages (those with gray fields) is disabled. Only the pages in views 7 and 8 allow exploration of some functions to give an impression of the platform's capabilities. Saving changes is also not enabled in general.

If you have any questions and/or require further information, please get in touch with us.

03 Aug 2017 Learning spiral is visualised by background colour of educational objectives
10 May 2017 LOOOP Newsletter 01/17
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